Drought affects over 200,000 in Huila

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Lubango - The drought-stricken population in Huila province has risen from 173,000 to 206,000, with the arrival of people from Namibe and Cunene, particularly herders looking for cattle pasture in the municipalities of Gambos and Matala.

The information was advanced this Tuesday, in Lubango, by the deputy provincial commission coordinator of the drought, Mariana Soma, stating that most of the people immigrated came from the municipalities of Virei (Namibe), Curoca and Ombandja (Cunene).

All of them are concentrated in the Chimbolelo Valley (Gambos) which hosts 36% of the province's total drought-affected people.

The municipality of Gambos has 77,237 people affected by drought, including immigrants, a locality that has a population estimated according to INE projections for this year of 92,464 inhabitants.

She said that the Provincial Commission of Drought in Huila has so far supported 79,100 victims in Huila province, with the distribution of 730 tons of miscellaneous food and 61 of toiletries, clothing and footwear.