DRC refugees' situation worrying - Official

from Government of Angola
Published on 04 Sep 2019 View Original

The 11,910 refugees are part of the bulk settled in Lóvua shelter centre, Angola's eastern Lunda Norte province, who unilaterally decided to return voluntarily and spontaneously to their home land (DRC) on August 19.

Speaking to the press, at the end of his 72-hour working visit to Lunda Norte province, the official regretted the condition of the refugees stranded in that locality, waiting for the Congolese government to create transport conditions for distribution to their respective areas.

"The refugees complain of shortage of food, water and medical care", he said, stating that it is up to the Congolese government to tackle the situation.

He said the Angolan government will maintain contacts with the Congolese authorities and UNHCR to find urgent solutions to remove refugees from that area and distribute them to their destination.

The visit of the Secretary of State for Social Action aimed to assess the voluntary repatriation process of Congolese refugees and the logistic conditions on both sides (Angola and DRC).

The 11,910, out of 18,800 DRC refugees, have unilaterally decided to return to their home land.