Cunene records rainfall after 12-month drought

from Government of Angola
Published on 14 Oct 2019 View Original

Ondjiva - The southern Cunene province has recorded moderate rain on Sunday night after 12 months of extreme drought in the region, therefore reviving the hope of more than 800,000 people and nearly one million cattle affected by the drought.

Lack of raifall in the region has disrupted the 2018/2019 agricultural season, making the local inhabitants to fail to harvest in 205,000 hectares of the 99,000 fields.

The province has been experiencing a severe water and grazing crisis since October 2018, with 857,443 people out of 171,488 families and one million cattle affected.

Some 30,000 animals, including cattle, goats and pigs, have been killed as result of the drought.

In order to secure the water distribution, there are currently 20 tanker trucks and 400 reservoirs scattered throughout the province, in addition to rehabilitation of 171 boreholes underway in the region.

The Angolan Executive made available Kwanzas 3.9 billion to tackle the situation.