Cunene Province gets heavy rain

from Government of Angola
Published on 04 Dec 2019 View Original

The rain started around 2:48pm, in different areas of Ondjiva, capital of Cunene.

So far, it is incalculable the quantity of water that dropped down on Cunene, a province whose agricultural production for this year was completely compromised.

ANGOP got informed that the few hours rain has partially destroyed seven houses, flooded completely some roads and commercial stores, besides causing the fall of ten trees.

However, the first rain of the province since the drought started was in October 2019, almost two month ago. Since then, it rains regularly but without big intensity.

According to forecasts by the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (INAMET), the province might register this month heavy rains, with the quantity of water above 800mm, 200mm more than the normal average for that region of the country which is 600mm.

Due to the rain shortage, the 2018/19 agricultural campaign in Cunene was compromised, no harvest in the 205,000 hectares in which 99,000 peasants were involved.

The drought caused water and cattle crisis, affecting 857, 443 people out of 171.488 families, besides affecting also one million cattle.

Since the beginning of the phenomenon, in October 2018, it was registered the death of thirty thousand animal such as cattle, goats and pigs.

The Executive made available 3.9 billion kwanzas for the acquisition of means to support the province in face of the calamity, among other assistance.

The drought in Cunene is a cyclical phenomenon, which dates back to 1995. Since that year, every five years it has been re-emerging with periods of flooding.

This year's drought is the most devastating one of the last 24 years in Cunene history.