Cunene: Over 344,000 people affected by drought in Cuanhama

Ondjiva - At least 344,4 people are affected by drought and famine in the municipality of Cuanhama, southern Cunene province, as a result of scarce rains in the region of late.

The information was released Thursday in the locality of Okapanda by the local administrator, Goncalves Namweya.

The official was speaking on the fringes of the meeting between local people, administrators and chiefs from the localities of Ondjiva, Môngua, Nehone, Oshimolo and Evale.

According to Gonçalves Namweya, the situation of drought and famine is very severe as the municipalities have run out of stocks to respond to the challenge.

He said the number of people suffering from the effects of drought and famine rises every day, hence the meeting for a clearer assessment of the reality in the communities and devising of solutions.

According to the source, about 42,000 cattle died as a result of the drought, leaving local people poorer.

Cuanhama has currently 360,491 inhabitants in five localities that include Ondjiva, Môngua, Evale, Nehone and Oshimolo, with the population dealing mainly in agriculture and cattle breeding.