Cuanza Sul: Over thousand affected by rains

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Sumbe - At least 1,316 people have landed in situation of risk in Sumbe city, central Cuana Sul province, as a result of the rains hitting the region of late.

The information is contained in a report on the consequences of the rains, released by the Civil Protection commission for the municipalities of Sumbe and Porto Amboim.

According to the report presented by the secretary of State for Local Administration, Fernando Pontes Pereira, who travelled to the region for the purpose, the situation requires strong measures to relocate the people affected into safer places.

The report reads that the rains of March 28 and 29 left 2,160 people from Sumbe and Porto Amboim in a situation of dire need, as one was killed, three wounded and 150 houses destroyed, laving 483 homeless.

The source adds that Cuanza Sul Government is currently busy transferring those affected to safer places in the localities of Pomba Nova , near Sumbe, where tents have been installed for the purpose.