Cacolo/Alto Chicapa road cleared of landmines

Cacolo - The road linking the Cacolo and Alto Chicapa municipalities, in eastern Lunda Sul province, has been cleared of landmines after varied explosive devices were removed by the 14th Brigade of the Special Unit of Demining of the Security House of the President of the Republic.

In speaking to the press, the municipal administrator of Cacolo, Adérito Cahanga, pointed out that during the works, which began in February of this year, 108 kilometers of road were cleared, which will enable the free movement of people and goods, as well as to implement projects for the development of the commune.

Among the devices removed were two RPG-7 projectiles, an 82 MM mortar, over 500 ammunitions of various calibres and explosive devices.

Adérito Cahanga said that thanks to this demining intervention, the road will soon receive earthworks, and contractor is mobilizing technical means to start the work.