Benguela plans to vaccinate over 456,000 children against polio

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Benguela - At least 456,325 children under five years of age will be vaccinated against polio, from 6 to 8 March, in nine municipalities of Benguela province, informed today (Saturday), the head of the Department of Local Public Health, Américo Daniel.

The second campaign phase complements the first, which took place in December 2019, and comes in response to the 10 cases of the disease recently reported in the province.

At least 4,545 vaccinators will be involved who will work in the municipalities of Benguela, Bocoio, Baía Farta, Catumbela, Chongoroi, Caimbambo, Cubal, Ganda and Lobito.

Balombo, the tenth municipality, is left out because it has already benefited from a second vaccination action in January this year.

Speaking to Angop, the doctor Américo Daniel said that this campaign arises mainly in response to the 10 cases notified at the end of last year, in the province.

From this number, Bocoio registered four cases, Cubal, two, Lobito municipality, one confirmed case, the same number for Baía Farta, Benguela and Ganda.

The municipalities of Catumbela, Chongoroi and Caimbambo will comply with the calendar, as a preventive measure against possible new cases.