Angolan Farmers to Harvest Rice Again, for a Change

from Lutheran World Relief
Published on 03 Jun 1997
New York, June 3, 1997 -- In eastern Angola a province isolated by war is
expecting its first rice harvest in five years. Farmers in five communities of
Moxico province have planted half a ton of rice seeds from the Lutheran World
Federation. A harvest of 14 tons is expected.

For each pound of seed received, after harvest the farmers agree to return two
pounds of seed to LWF for planting by other farmers. The seed program has
brought LWF into contact with needy populations in areas still controlled by the
rebel movement, UNITA. Rice was a local staple before Angola's civil war.

In addition to agriculture, LWF carries out resettlement, health, vocational and
landmine awareness work in eastern Angola with support from Lutheran World
Relief. Moxico's capital, Luena, was featured in a recent LWR documentary
about LWR material aid.