Angolan Armed Forces deactivate land mines

Benguela, 27/02 - Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) officials, stationed at Canjala military area in Lobito district in southern Benguela province, deactivated on Thursday at least eight anti personal mines at Kulango commune.

According to its commander, Domingos Ministro, in this operation, started in September last year, about 530 explosive devices were deactivated, along the paths that give access to the region's river and ploughing.

He added that the works went on successfully, despite the slowness that is being reported due to the shortage of adequate means, because, according to him, the sappers use only baton when their searching for mines, aggravated with the growth of grass, as a result of the rainy season.

Domingos Ministro defended the necessity of mine detectors and continuing with the work until its conclusion.

About Sixty sappers are participating in the operation, and are also practicing the closing of potholes, in the road that links the districts of Kulango-Lobito, a 40 kilometres distance.

Source: ANGOP