Angola/Moxico: Malaria claims 65 lives in first quarter

Luena, 05/15 - Sixty three people died of malaria, from the 8,632 diagnosed with this disease in the eastern Moxico province during the first quarter of the current year, informed Tuesday, in Luena city, the provincial director of Health, Ernesto Muangala.

According to the source, in the previous quarter, local health institutions registered 1,443 cases of malaria that caused over 80 deaths, mostly children.

To control this situation, the provincial malaria programme holds awareness activities on the cares to be taken, as well as distributing mosquito nets to pregnant women and children below the age of five, he referred.

The health director stressed that no case of infant paralysis, cholera and leprosy were registered in the referred period.

The director referred that during the first quarter of 2007 there was a great reduction of cases of measles and of convulsive cough, due to the level of vaccine coverage and other prevention measures implemented by the government, with the collaboration of social partners.