Angola/Malanje: WB to allocate USD 50 million for rehabilitation of roads

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Malanje, July 06 - The World Bank (WB) will allocate USD 50 million for the phased rehabilitation of the road which links Luanda and Malanje provinces, tertiary routes, bridges, as well as the piping system for drinkable water.

This was revealed on Tuesday, here, by the WB's representative to Angola, Laurence Clarke, who was on a working visit to this north-central province, with the aim of assessing the degree of implementation of the projects being financed by this worldwide institution, estimated at USD 356,000.

Thus, the representative of the World Bank, acompanied by technicians of the National Social Welfare Institute (IRSEM), visited on the same day around 500 hectares of land, being worked in the ambit of the referred financing, in Kissole commune, located 15 kilometres to the west of Malanje city.

Laurence Clarke expressed his satisfaction with the way the project is being implemented, although there is some technological shortage of means of production.

On his turn, the deputy director of IRSEM, Domingos Jos' da Costa, was delighted with the engagement and efforts of the 34 demobilised soldiers that have been resettled in Kissole commune, referring that they are showing encouraging experiences for international investors towards cattle-breeding projects in the country.