Angola/Lunda Sul: Over 5000 cases of malaria recorded

Saurimo, 08/05 - The eastern province of Lunda Sul registered in the first quarter of 2007, around 5,328 cases of malaria and 23 deaths caused by this disease.

The information was given this Tuesday in Saurimo city, by the Provincial Disease Control Department chief, Carlos Cahindjia.

The mentioned deaths occurred due to the late arrival of the patients at the health centres and hospitals.

He said also that the high level of death rate by malaria is provoked by rains, stagnant water and rubbish especially in the peripheral zones, the lack of information on basic sanitation and for not using mosquito nets.

To reduce the occurrence of this disease the Endemic Disease Control Department distributed, throughout the affected areas, in the referred period, 11,000 insecticide treated mosquito nets.

The distribution is done in the ambit of the provincial programme of health promotion, executed in coordination with the social partners, such as the Catholic charity organisation "Caritas" and other churches that promote debates on sanitary education.