Angola/Kwanza Sul: Red Cross donates equipments to curb cholera

Sumbe, 06/06 - Angolan Red Cross department in the coastal Kwanza Sul province Wednesday handed over equipments for combat against cholera to the population of the outskirts of Sumbe, Porto-Amboim and Amboim (Gabela) cities.

The equipments comprise of 10,000 packages of oral re-hydration serum and 9,180 containers for storing water.

Speaking to ANGOP, Angolan Red Cross' project coordinator against cholera in Kwanza Sul, Agostinho Kaquinda noted that the distribution of these equipments aims at helping residents to combat the cholera epidemic.

He added that Red Cross teams are holding awareness campaign targeting local communes on prevention of the disease.

He also considered necessary that residents should know the first symptoms of the disease, to enable them to urgently seek treatment from nearby health centres or hospital.

"We are warning people to avoid consuming untreated water or that is not boiled, as well as uncooked food and washing hands before touching food", he said.

During the first quarter of this year 415 cases of cholera, with 95 deaths, were recorded in the province.