Angola/Kwanza-Sul: Over 90,000 children vaccinated against Poliomyelitis

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Sumbe, 01/31 - At least 948,000 children aged between zero and five years were in 2002 vaccinated against poliomyelitis in central Kwanza-Sul province, ANGOP learned.

The information is contained in a report from the public health department and control of endemic diseases released on Thursday.

The document states that in the same period 20,375 children under the age of one year were vaccinated against tuberculosis and 71,175 between zero and five years against measles.

Meanwhile, more than 16,164 women were vaccinated against neonatal tetanus, while another 22,791 kids aged between zero and three years, have been immunized against yellow fever.

In 2002, an increase in women vaccinated against neonatal birth tetanus was registered and 11,028 children were observed, representing a decrease of 16 consultations as compared with the year 2001, the report says. (Source: ANGOP)