Angola/Kwanza-Sul: Mechanised demining programme launched

Sumbe, 05/07 - The Demining Executive Commission launched a mechanised demining programme in Capango district (Sumbe), Angola's central Kwanza-Sul province, aimed at accelerating the clearing of landmines in the region.

The mechanised demining equipment are "Bozena-5", made in Slovakia, whose quantity was not mentioned, being operated by a demining brigade from Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

In order to secure a good operation, maintenance and repair of equipment, 12 technicians were trained in Slovakia.

On the occasion, the National Demining Institute (INAD) director, Leonardo Severino Sapalo, stressed that the acquisition of the said technical equipment will help push forward the demining work in the country.

"The country needs to be free from landmines.

That's why concerned institutions need to purchase sophisticated equipment to demine farming fields, roads, bridges and railways", INAD director said.

These are the first mechanised demining equipment acquired by Angolan Government.