Angola/Huambo: Soldiers rehabilitate road, bridges in Katchiungo

Huambo, 05/27 - Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) staff with the 4th military region command have been engaged in the rehabilitation of road and bridges linking Katchiungo municipality and the Catholic mission of Babaera and Trapa, in the central Huambo province.

The works that started on 19 April this year include landmines' clearance and rehabilitation of three provisional bridges over Cutato Coe and Vimo Rivers, north of Katchiungo municipality.

The official in charge of the works, Major Jorge Cardona told ANGOP that after the conclusion of the bridges his personnel will cover potholes in critical areas to enable the free circulation of people and goods.

The conclusion of works will also enable the flow of products from the fields to the city, mainly in the villages of Chamuanga, Sachipanguele, Sassango, Caluengue and Bunjo.

Last year, Huambo's Operational Command staff, stationed in the municipal headquarters of Bailundo, rehabilitated bridges on roads linking the districts of Bailundo (Huambo) and Waco-Kungo (Kuanza-Sul province).