Angola/Bie: Cholera cases drop

Kuito, 05/28 - The head of the cholera diagnosis and treatment centre said Monday in the southern Bie province that cholera cases have dropped over the last days, due to change of the rainy season to the dry one.

André Tomás Cassinda said that the province has not recorded new cases of cholera since four days ago, a situation that encourages local health authorities, as it (cholera) poses a great danger to the society.

The official stressed that, at the moment, the local centre, with capacity to admit some 40 patients, has only hospitalised one, who is also out of danger.

He also said that from April last year until this moment, the health unit has already diagnosed 359 cases, from which 21 have died and 338 were discharged for improving.

The most affected districts are Kuito, Chitembo, Kamacupa, Katabola and Andulo.

The cholera diagnosis centre counts on the support of the provincial social welfare department, NGOs, Belgium's Doctors Without Borders (MSF-B) and OXFAM.