Angola/Bié: Malaria kills over 900 people

Kuito, 05/06 - At least 930 people died of malaria in various hospitals in Angola's central Bie province in 2006, according to the head of department of public health and control of endemic diseases, Celeste Pataca.

The official said that 191,872 cases of malaria were notified in 2006, mostly children below five years of age.

She stated that besides the cases mentioned, there were other isolated ones that were not recorded in hospitals, many of them resulting in death. According to her, the figures might drop significantly this year, contrary to what happened in 2005.

The source explained that during the first quarter of this year, 17,308 cases were recorded, against 44,755 of the year 2005. She said this is owed to measures taken by the institution that included awareness campaigns in the communities.