Angola/Benguela: Lack of financial resources hampers farms relaunching

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Benguela, 01/10 - At least 54 among the existing 100 cattle raising farms in Caimbambo district, Angola's South-West Benguela province, are paralyzed due to the lack of financial resources for its rehabilitation, ANGOP has learnt.

With 171 cattle breeders, Caimbambo district, one of the country's references in the cattle breeding fields, currently controls about 55,000 heads of cattle.

On the other hand, three of the 19 cattle raising farms registered by the local Agrarian Development Station (EDA) produce with restriction, due to the lack of investments for the acquisition of means.

With nearly 17,368 hectares of arable lands and 3,500 plants, the farms are used mainly for the cultivation of citrons, in spite of the difficulties in the preservation of the products.

Caimbambo district, which is located some 116 kilometers to Benguela city, offers favorable conditions for the cultivation of banana, sweet potato, sugar-cane, citrons, cassava, various cereals, sisal, tobacco and horticultural products. (Source: ANGOP)