Angola: WFP to parachute food to difficult access areas

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Luanda, 01/20 - The World Food Porgram (WFP) will from next week drop food through parachutes in areas of difficult access in Malanje (North), Huambo (Centre) and Kuando-Kubango (South) provinces, a source with this organization announced on Monday.

Angola WFP Information Officer, Marcelo Spina, said that the necessary equipment for this operation is already in Angola since last week, adding that the organization has been ending the preparation for the drop.

The people for this mission attended a training in Kenya, from where also came the equipment, said the source, adding that the food must be packed in three special bags, each one containing 100 kgs, before being dropped on the soil from a helicopter.

Due to the existence of landmines and bridges destroyed by the war in Huambo, Malanje and Kuando-Kubango, the distributing food and aid has been difficult, and humanitarian sources say there are about 40,000 people in need of food assistance.

Another obstacle pointed out by the WFP is the lack of appropriate airstrips for Hercules planes, the ones used by the organization for humanitarian aid operations. (Source: ANGOP)