Angola: WB invests in projects for demobilised soldiers

from Government of Angola
Published on 19 Dec 2005
Ondjiva, 12/19 - About USD 490,272 were invested by the World Bank in projects for the socio-economic reintegration of 391 demobilized soldiers and their respective families in the municipalities Ombandja, Kuanhama, Namacunde and Kuvelai, in the southern Cunene Province.
According to the provincial director of the Institute of Socio-Professional Reintegration of Former Combatants (IRSEM) in Cunene, Venancio Lungamene, the project includes the foment of the farming and cattle-raising activity, acquisition of farming material for demobilized soldiers and building two schools in the localities of Meva,Yela and Onangue.

Venancio Lungamene said also that the programme includes all the ex-soldiers, in particular those demobilized under the Lwena Memorandum of Undestanding, aiming at sensitizing and getting the participation of the local community.

With nine months duration, the programme is intended to facilitate the socio-economic and professional reintegration of demobilized soldiers and contribute to the establishment of safer conditions in rural areas.