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Angola: UNHCR aids over 70,000 refugees to return home

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Luanda, 07/13 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expects to assist yet this year about 70,675 Angolans to return to their country.

The UN refugees agency's press officer, Maria Benevides, affirmed that the majority of these people is located in refugees camps in neighbouring Zambia, Republic of Congo and DR Congo, existing a few of them in South Africa and Namibia.

The source informed that in the ambit of the organised repatriation process at least 62 refugees coming from Botswana arrived on Monday in the country, while another group comprising 52 people, among them women, men and children, returned to Angola on Tuesday.

She added that these returnees headed to southern Huambo province, where they will be taken to their areas of origin, with highlight to the provinces of Huila, Bie, Benguela, Kwanza-Sul and Kuando-Kubango.

According to Mrs Benevides, in the ambit of the organised and voluntary repatriation operation, from the 2,000 Angolan nationals, who have been sheltered in Dukwi camp, Botswana, at least 62 returned to the country last year, while 420 have already confirmed their return.