Angola: UNDP supports IT dissemination programme

Luanda, 07/14 - A project for the dissemination of information technologies (IT), through the creation of community-based centres and Tele-centres, is being developed since early this year by the Angolan Government in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The programme called Angonet, aims to develop the community networks in order to boost development and is one of the first in the Southern African region.

According to Maravilha Fernandes, the co-ordinator of the programme, the project intents to create through Angonet an electronic network to support the social-related organisations in communication and exchange of information with international and local partners.

The project aims also the supplying of information technology tools for the dissemination and exchange of information in the fields such as human rights, peace building, sustainable development, strategy to reduce poverty and humanitarian assistance.