Angola Travel Advice

Travel Advice Unit, Consular Division
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
1 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HE
Tel: 0171 238 4503/4504
Fax: 0171 238 4545

British tourists are advised not to visit Angola. Business visitors are advised that Luanda is calm and following the peace agreements between the Government and Unita there have been only small-scale ceasefire violations in other parts of the country. However banditry and armed hold-ups, including car-jackings, are common with expatriates as the main targets.

Extreme caution should be taken in Luanda particularly in the early evening and at night. Travel outside the capital should only be undertaken after seeking advice from an accredited organisation in Angola. Those travelling outside Luanda should be aware that many areas of the country are still mined and suitable precautions should be taken when travelling by road. Two British citizens were killed by a landmine in Luanda Norte in January.