Angola: Some 14,455 ex-UNITA soldiers still at sheltering areas

Huambo, March 18 - Some 14,454 former UNITA soldiers are still living at the sheltering areas in the Central Huambo Province 15 days before their closing countrywide.

The Angolan Government has decided to close the sheltering areas for ex-UNITA soldiers and their relatives countrywide on March 31, 2003.

An official with Huambo Provincial Commission for Social and Professional Reintegration of Demobilized and War Displaced People, Domingos Garcia Caica, said that besides the number of people to be resettled everything has been done so that the camps could be closed this month.

There are also 73,790 relatives of former UNITA soldiers at the sheltering areas.

The source added that this situation is due to the fact that the World Food Program has re-started providing food aid and other essential goods to that camps, adding that so many of them have been awaiting for their harvests.

Some 6,306 former UNITA soldiers and 28,120 relatives have already left the sheltering areas at Menga, Ex-Finge, Chiteta and Sambo. (Source: ANGOP)