Angola: Seven die in rain in Luanda; rainfalls leave 120 families homeless at Kikolo

Luanda, 02/04 - The rain that fell at dawn and Monday morning in Luanda, has caused seven deaths and left most of the houses in peripheral zones and the city roads waterlogged, making the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians difficult.
The road (comandante Loy), in the ward of Golf II, district of Kilamba Kiaxi, is without access of vehicles due to the collapsing of the bridge.

The wards of Samba, Cariango, Cazenga, Mabor, (the three last ones in the district of Cazenga), Martires do Kifangondo and Rocha Pinto (both in the district Mainga) were the most affected, forcing the people to remove water from their yards with buckets.

Most of the city's access roads were full of mud making the movement of people to their work places difficult, and in the city centre the tar on the road was no longer visible due to large volumes of water that drained into the sea.

Circulating in Luanda at this period of rain is critical, due to the bad state of the drainage system and, the construction of innumerable residences at unproper building areas. (Source: ANGOP )

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Luanda: Rainfalls Leaves 120 Families Homeless At Kikolo

Luanda, 02/03 - Hundred and twenty families stayed without their residences in the commune of Kicolo, district of Cacuaco, due to the rain that fell at dawn in Luanda city.

According to a document from the municipal administration disaster commission, five people from a family have disappeared due to the tumbling of the house in which they lived at "paraiso" ward, while three children got hurt due in consequence of the rain.

The rain flooded the Cacuaco salt-pan and destroyed the bridge that gives access to the district. (Source: ANGOP)