Angola: Seven cities get water, electricity supplying systems

Luanda, 06/14 - The Integrated Infrastructures Development Programme for seven Angolan cities, approved Wednesday in Luanda by the Government, includes the phased construction and rehabilitation of drinking water and electricity supplying systems and residual waters treatment facilities.

According to a communiqué from the 5th Extraordinary Session of the Cabinet Council, chaired by the Head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, the Integrated Infrastructures Development Plan for the cities of Benguela, Lobito, Catumbela, Baía Farta (central Benguela province), Sumbe, Porto Amboim and Gabela (central Kwanza Sul), also includes the paving of roads, replacement of sidewalks and public lighting.

The full programme will comprise various phases, with the first to last about a year-and-a-half, with the aim of guaranteeing better living conditions to the population, promoting new private investments, more jobs and boosting local economy.

The Government also approved the projects and respective contracts for the undertaking, the construction of electricity transportation lines for Lucala-Pambos de Sonhe-Uíge, Uíge-Maquela do Zombo and Gabela-Quileva, due to the need for satisfying the growing electrical energy demand, through intensive electricity investments in the country, as well as the gradual improvement of the population's living.

The Cabinet Council authorised the establishment of the banking financial institution denominated "Finibanco Angola, S.A" whose 31,5 percent of the share will be owned by Angolan shareholders.

The institution will operate as a universal Bank, being specialised in retail and investment bank operations.