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Angola: Refugees arrive from Kasai, DRC

Over 20,000 refugees, many of whom have harrowing tales of brutal militia attacks, have fled violence in the DRC’s Kasai Province.

By: UNHCR/Lee Bogotá

DUNDO, Angola - Over 20,000 refugees have fled insecurity and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai Province. They have found safety in Angola. Many have harrowing tales of brutal militia attacks that forced them from their homes.

70 per cent of the arrivals are women and children. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in coordination with the Angolan Government and other aid agencies is responding to an increasing number of unaccompanied and separated children who require immediate attention.

UNHCR continues to provide food and relief items to new arrivals and is currently assisting the Angolan authorities to identify a suitable site for the relocation of refugees from the temporary reception centres.