Angola: Red Cross sensitises over 6.000 people on landmine danger

Luanda, Aug 5 - A total of 6.275 people in central Benguela and Bie provinces were sensitised on landmine dangers by Angola Red Cross (CVA) from January to May 2005, under its fight and awareness programme.

The information was released today in Luanda by the CVA project coordinator, Kiala Sim=E3o.

According to the official, of that number, 1.898 are from Benguela province and 4.377 from Bie.

For the operation, the organisation counted on the aid of 30 volunteers who also distributed various posters and conducted talks in schools, markets and other public places.

To Kiala Sim=E3o, the project, that has the technical, material and financial aid from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), aims to educate the population on the dangers that the mines pose and teach them to report on all suspect cases in their localities.

The official added that the programme has not been totally fulfilled, due to difficulties in the access to some areas, due to the bad condition of the roads and bridges destroyed during the armed conflict.

Set up in 1978, the CVA is an organisation that has as its social aim to help people in need in the fields of health, education, agriculture and sensitise them on the danger of mines and HIV/AIDS.