Angola - Rainy Season Monitoring, March 2022 [EN/PT]



• Cumulative February 2022 rainfall above average in southwest and below average in northwest and southeast of Cuando Cubango.

• Namibe, Huila and Cunene continue with lower than average vegetation cover since December 2021.


The report analyses the trend in precipitation and vegetation cover in the precipitation and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) remote monitoring database available on the World Food Program's DataViz Platform ( NDVI is an indicator of vegetation cover and therefore can be used to predict crop production and grazing conditions, as well as monitor drought. For each geographic region, precipitation and NDVI data are analysed by comparing the values of the normal situation (average values) with the values observed in the current season. The analysis assumes that there are no other phenomena, such as fires, that could affect the vegetation besides the weather.