Angola: Provincial governments to be watched permanently

Luanda, 01/17 - The performance of the provincial governments, particularly concerning the strict observance of the rules and principles on the execution of each province's budget will be assessed periodically.

This was said at the first working meeting held by the Prime-Minister, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos "Nando" and the governors of the country's 18 provinces on Thursday in Luanda.

According to a communique handed out to the press, it was recommended that the budget must be scrupulously executed, and that the provincices are only supposed to spend what has been allocated to them from the State's budget.

The meeting also established that these meetings will take place every three months.

It was also considered that there is need for quick and pragmatic action in assisting the displaced people and ex-soldiers, so that humanitarian aid can reach the whole country as soon as possible.

The meeting analysed mainly three points, namely, "the new methodology and functioning of the Government", "rules to observe in executing the State's budget" and "resettling and social reintegration of demobilised soldiers and displaced people".

Regarding the first point, according to the communique, the governors were informed about the new structural regulations for the Unity and National Reconciliation Government, concerning the institutional articulation between the Prime-Minister, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Territory Administration and the provinces Governments.

No specific date was given for the next meeting. (Source: ANGOP)