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Angola: Protection Weekly Report, 4 - 10 September 2017 [EN/PT]

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In Lovua Settlement, MDM is currently using the following intervention points/places: MSF’s Health Clinic; Group Activities: provisionally within UNICEF tents and outreach in the villages. In terms of casemanagement, some three cases were identified and supported during the reporting period, all related to emotional stress. Training on alternative group activities for refugee youth and team building activities. In terms of outreach, daily visit to the different villages in view to inform the community on available services and staff.

Group activities at UNICEF tent targeting young boys and girls (28 boys and 25 girls) (ages between 11 and 12). In addition to the introduction of MDM services to the participants, objective was to develop psycho-education, and improving their self-esteem, achievement, creativity, etc. Several young boys and girls could not participated due to the lack of capacity of the tent.