Angola: Partnership with US landmines-related NGOs

Luanda, 07/05 - The Angolan Government today in Luanda established a new partnership with the US Non-Governmental Organisations "Roots of Peace" and "Conservation International" in the field of landmine removal with the aim to allow the return of elephants in the country's Southeast region.

This was said at a press conference by the founder of "Roots of Peace", Heidi Kuhn, who added that the project is intended for the removal of landmines, in order to make the land arable again for agriculture.

"At a time that the attentions are focused on Africa, we would like to help clear landmines in Angola", she said.

To Heidi Kuhn, it is time to show that in the continent there are economic efforts which will help the people avoid poverty and protect fauna.

She said around 1,500 square kilometres to be cleared of landmines are located in the partial reserves of Luiana Park, in the Southeast Kuando Kubango province of Angola.

Landmines removal in this region will allow restore balance between nature and human beings, well as safe flow of animals from the North of Botswana, through Namibia, Angola and Zambia, to ensure that the South of the continent is filled up with wild animals.

The eco-tourism project for Kuando-Kubango region is worth six million dollars, being one million already available.

After the removal of these explosive devices, the "Conservation International" will work with the Angolan authorities for the creation of a National Park in the province.

Roots of Peace and Conservation International are non-profit US organisations which develop mine removal actions and agriculture revival in the rural areas.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Eduardo Chingunji, NGOs representatives and from the National Inter sector Commission for Landmines removal and Humanitarian Aid (CNIDAH).