Angola: Over 250 refugees return home

Luanda, June 12 - A group of 279 Angolan refugees coming from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, arrived today in Luanda, in ambit of the organised and voluntary repatriation programme of the government of Angola, supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to UNHCR's information official, Malungo Muana Germano, after being registered at the Airport, the returnees will be sent to a local accommodation centre, where they are to receive kits of assistance, awareness against HIV/AIDS and about the dangers of mines.

They will also receive assistance materials useful in the future for their reintegration in the society.

As to Malungo Muana, this flight is the third of a series of direct transportation of Angolan refugees that voluntary decide to return home and is the first of 2005.

The operation's next stage of voluntary and organised repatriation of refugees is set for June 19 of the current year.

According to official data, since the year 2000 over 300,000 Angolan refugees have returned to their areas of origin.