Angola: Outgoing UN Special Envoy suggests contacts ahead of donor conference

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Luanda, 02/25 - Outgoing head of UN-Angola Mission, Ibrahim Gambari, Monday in Luanda suggested that two contact meetings should be held ahead of the much desired donor conference on Angola.

This, he said, is meant to secure a successful international donor conference.

Ibrahim Gambari was speaking at a press conference assessing the work done by the UN-Angola Mission whose mandate terminated on Feb. 15.

According to him, Angola should endeavor to improve its relationship with credit institutions, especially the International Monetary Fund (IMF), so that its national reconstruction plan gets approval at the international donor conference expected for Brussels, Belgium.

The UN official said as well that Angola should transmit more trust to credit institutions before the donor conference is held.

He explained that an improved relationship with the IMF will also facilitate access to other sources of finances and rescheduling of the country's external debt.

Commenting on the international support for Africa, the UN Assistant Secretary for African Affairs said that at its latest meeting, the G-8 (group of world's richest countries) held in Canada, decided that Angola, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of the Congo, will benefit from assistance soon after they get their conflicts settled down.

He also stressed that following the UN-Angola Mission the world body's activity will be directed to humanitarian and human rights tasks.

These tasks, he added, will be closely followed up by the office of the UN Angola-based coordinator that will respond to the outstanding matters that include resettlement of displaced people and demining of urban and suburban areas of the country.

Source: ANGOP