Angola: Namibe - Seminar on HIV/AIDS, human rights ends

Namibe, July 21 - The seminar on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, that opened Monday in Namibe province (southwest Angola), ended on Wednesday with the adoption of recommendations aiming at sensitising the Government and the civil society for the implementation of methods to control the pandemic.
According to the recommendations of the event, Namibe provincial Government is, through the local board of the Health Ministry, to continue with the free distribution of anti-retroviral drugs to Hiv-positive people, due to low social and economic level of most of them.

The participants to the event also recommended the holding of similar seminars for members of the Provincial Committee of Fight Against HIV/AIDS, students and religious entities.

The seminar appealed for the Reintegration Association of Youth and Children in the Social Life, sponsor of the event, the strengthening of partnership with other Non-Governmental Organisations and aid in the identification of financing potentials to support local small projects on HIV/AIDS.

To the Provincial Committee of Fight Against HIV/AIDS, the participants recommended the promotion of radio programmes in vernacular languages, to transmit information on the pandemic locally.

The local Director of Health, Pedro Viyayahuka, at the end of the event pointed out alcohol, drugs and unsafe sexual relations as the main causes of the family disintegration, that leads to the aggravation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.