Angola: MPLA announces peace plan for Cabinda

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Cabinda, 02/18 - The Angolan government is working on a political programme conducive to a peaceful solution to the conflict in northern oil-rich Cabinda province, according to the local ruling MPLA party First Secretary, Anibal Rocha. The programme is being prepared by a multisectoral commission consisting of experts from the offices of the President of the Republic and of the Prime Minister, as well as from the Cabinet Council' Secretariat and the Ministry of Territory Administration.

It gives privilege to dialogue and all other aspects conducive to peace in Cabinda and will be subimitted soon to competent authorities for approval prior to implementation, said Mr Rocha who is also the provincial governor for Cabinda.

Anibal Rocha told a gathering with chieftains in Cotra district, which includes Cabinda and its surroundings, that his party and government were committed to finding a peaceful solution to the case.

He reminded that president José Eduardo dos Santos has already indicated the roads for peace to reach Cabinda through dialogue.

Source: ANGOP