Angola: Minister to defend new agricultural strategy in Rome

Luanda, Feb 18 - Angolan minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gilberto Buta Lutukuta, on Wednesday, in Rome (Italy) will appeal to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for a new strategy on Angola.

According to the general director of the National Institute for Agrarian Development, Pedro Canga, the strategy will have as a basic principle the need to mobilize financial resources to invest in more agricultural projects in Angola to back up the existing ones.

One of the existing projects is development of the cultivation of food in the northern region of the country, namely, in the provinces of Uige, Kwanza-Norte and Malange.

This scheme has been in practice for the past five years and is estimated at USD 18 million.

Gilberto Buta Lutukuta is in Rome since Friday, heading a delegation that is participating in the 26th annual meeting of IFAD's governing council.

The delegation comprises several Angolan officials, including the head of the International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the representative of Angola to FAO.

The event will end on Thursday. (Source: ANGOP)