Angola: Marburg fever under control - Health Minister

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Luanda, 15/06 - Angola's Health Minister, Sebasti=E3o Veloso, Wednesday said here Marburg haemorrrhagic fever hitting the Northern Uije Province is confined to an identified area and is under control of health authorities.

That official said it at the fifth extraordinary session of the Angola's Cabinet Council, chaired by the Head of State, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Sebastiao Veloso said the few cases that still exist are due to the nonfulfilment of recommendation, by the population, to avoid the direct contact with people infected or with dead bodies.

Minister Sebastiaio Veloso thanked President of the Republic and Angolan Government readiness in the availability of great financial, material resources and transports to fight the sickness.

The illness have caused so far over 350 death, most of them in Uije.