Angola: Landmines caused 241 victims in 2002

Luanda, 01/13 - One Hundred and Forty Five landmine accidents were recorded in the country, during last year, causing 241 victims, 33 of which were in Benguela province, the area with highest number of cases registered.

Apart from Benguela, the provinces where more accidents were registered were Moxico, with 24, Huambo, with 23, Malanje (17), Biu (13), and Kwanza Norte (11).

According to the National Institute of Removal of Obstacles and Explosive Devices (INAROEE), until November, 42 deaths and 124 injured were registered, the number was likely to grow when the partners of the institution provide the final report that probably will be concluded at the end of the current month.

The victims suffered injures like amputation of upper and lower limbs as well as visual and hearing problems.

Most of the accidents occurred during trips, in the fields, while fetching wood, water or when hunting.

The devices more detonated were anti-personal landmines, anti-tank ones and others.

In 2001, Angola registered 339 accidents with landmines, causing 660 victims among deaths and injuries.

Source: ANGOP