Angola: Japan donates USD 4.8 million to Health Ministry

Luanda - The Japanese Government donated USD 4.8 million to the Health Ministry to support a project of infectious diseases in children, under a strategic plan to reduce the infant mortality rate.

The donation was handed over by Japanese Ambassador to Angola, Susumu Shibata, to the Health Ministry that is being represented by its deputy minister, Evelize Fresta.

Susumu Shibata recognised that a lot of children die of malaria in Angola that is why they are the beneficiaries of the project.

The Health deputy minister Evelize Fresta explained that the money will be used to purchase 300,000 vials for vaccination against measles, for more than 5.400,000 children below the age of five, as well as 410,000 mosquito nets for pregnant women.

According to Evelize Fresta, Japan helps the Angolan Government in continuing with vaccination activities that the Health Ministry carries out since early 2007 with the collaboration of UNICEF and other partners.

The deputy minister informed that the goods acquired will be distributed to the provinces of Luanda, Namibe and Kuando Kubango. This year, southern Benguela province already received from the Japanese Government 600,000 mosquito nets to cover the necessities of malaria prevention.