Angola: Italian NGO donates 67 medicine kits

News and Press Release
Originally published
Huambo, July 29 - Sixty seven kits of assorted medicines were donated on Thursday to health centres of Londuimbali district, central Huambo province, by the Italian Non-Governmental Organisation "Movimundo".

The move symbolised the closing of the said NGO's office in Huambo province due to lack of funds.

The drugs will be distributed to Londuimbali health centres, where Movimundo implemented health projects for year on funds from the European Union.

The donation has come at a time when Huambo's provincial health department announced total shortage of essential medicines in its stores. The provincial health director, Elias Finde, thanked Movimundo's gesture, considering that the drugs will cater for the said health centres for a period of three months.

Besides the medicine kits, the organisation will soon donate a vehicle, hospital beds, laboratory reagents and computerised materials, according to its representative, Joseph Ray.

Movimundo has operated in Huambo since 1994, when the political-military situation was considered as critical.