Angola to install four rain warning systems

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Luanda - Four rain warning systems will be installed in the country, namely at the mouth of the rivers Chiloando (Cabinda northern province), Longa (central Cuanza Sul) Dande (northern Bengo) and Bero (southwestern Namibe).

The information was released Tuesday in Luanda by the United Nations Environment Programme consultant, Vladimir Russo.

Speaking at a workshop on the project called “The need for urgent adaptation of the climate in Angola”, the official said the systems are intended to warn against the possibility of the rise in the water volumes and occurrence of strong winds.

According to the source, the project is part of a plan to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate changes and of the heavy rains hitting the country of late.

He said the systems will be connected to with the existing meteorological stations whose system of codes use the colours blue, orange and red transmitted to the local authorities to respond accordingly.

Vladimir Russo recalled that the heavy rains that hit some regions of the country killed and displaced people and destroyed infrastructures.

He explained that the choice for the four above mentioned localities came from UNEP, taking into account that coastal regions normally have vulnerable populations and particular ecosystems.