Angola: Ibrahim Gambari presents report on UN Mission today

Luanda, 02/24 - The United Nation's Secretary General Special Representative to Angola, Ibrahim Gambari, is presenting today in Luanda, the report on the activities of the UN Mission in Angola, before he leaves for New York, as the mission has come to its end. At a press conference, Ibrahim Gambari will touch on the recommendations outlined on the latest report, concerning the nature of the future presence of the UN in Angola as well as speak of the meetings he has had with Government, UNITA officials and the civil society.
Although the UN Mission has been terminated, Kofi Annan's special representative to Angola will continue to follow the process of national reconciliation and consolidation of peace, in line with his role as a special advisor for African matters.

United Nation's Security Council decided on February 12, at an ordinary consultative meeting, to recommend the end of the UN Mission in Angola beginning February 15.

The decision had been proposed by the UN's secretary general, Kofi Annan, on a report on the mission in Angola, that was presented by Ibrahim Gambari.

According to the recommendation, after the end of the UN Mission, the appointed United Nations' coordinator residing in Angola, will take responsibility to follow up the execution of pending tasks of the peace process agreement, as established in the 1433/2002 resolution.

Some of the pending tasks include the demining process, socio-professional reintegration of demobilized soldiers, resettling of displaced people to their areas of origin and recovering of socio-economic infrastructures indispensable to the normalization of people's lives.

At the same time, the UN will also be working on the promotion of Human Rights, help the Government to acquire resources from the international community, such as the intended international donor conference, as well as assist with the preparation of the next general elections.

Ibrahim Gambari is in Luanda since February 15, day of official expiry of the UN Angola Mission. (Source: ANGOP)