Angola: Huambo - About 25,000 ex-UNITA soldiers in professional training

Huambo, 18/02 - At least 25,000 ex-UNITA soldiers will be attending, starting from this month, at Caala municipality, in the central Huambo province, professional training courses for their reintegration in the society.
The courses will be taught in the centers of the National Professional Training Institute (INAFOP), in a period of 18 months, according to the head of the institution, José Luis Tchuvila.

José Tchuvila informed that the ex-soldiers training process will start in the district of Caala, where INAFOP's management already prepared a 5,000 square meter piece of ground for the setting up of a unit.

In the first phase, 200 people in specialties of Agriculture, cattle breeding, building construction, health and industrial arts will be trained for about two months.

This action, according to him, is inserted in the project "Citizenship and Jobs, We Are With You", which foresees training in Huambo of 25,000 ex-UNITA soldiers in 18 months.

About 37 instructors are prepared to train these people and are waiting for the arrival of technical and transport means for their movement to the province's districts.

Source: ANGOP