Angola: Health deputy minister reconfirms Marburg virus control

Luanda, 07/28 - Angolan deputy minister of Health, José Van-D=FAnem, reconfirmed Wednesday in Luanda, the control of the haemorrhagic fever caused by the Marburg virus, that killed more than 350 people in northern Uíje province.

Speaking during the "manh=E3 informativa" radio programme, the Government official spoke of the need for more physicians and health infrastructures in Uíje province.

José Van-D=FAnem praised the effort made by the teams involved in the fight against the Marburg virus, including the National Commission of Fight Against Disasters and Emergencies, the International Community, among other public and private entities, above all, for holding the disease within Uíje limits, avoiding its spread into other provinces.

According to statistics from the United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF), 700 people lost their parents or relatives, 105 of which being below five years of age.

The epidemic outbreak is considered as eradicated after 21 weeks without any new case.