Angola: Government official checks rehousing process of rain victims

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3/18/11 9:43 AM

Namibe - The secretary of State for Urbanisation and Housing, Joaquim Silvestre, on Thursday assessed the rehousing process of the victims of the heavy rains that have recently hit the Saco-mar neighbourhood, about seven kilometres to the north of Namibe City.

Speaking to ANGOP, the government official explained that he is carrying out a 48-hour assessment visit to the south-western Namibe Province mainly to check the rehousing process of flood victims.

He also revealed that, in the ambit of the national urbanisation and housing programme it is on schedule for this year the start of the construction works of 4000 houses, of which 500 will be built in Tombwa District.

Meanwhile, Joaquim Silvestre held a meeting with the provincial governor, Cândida da Silva Celeste, which served to analyse aspects relating to the housing and resettlement programme of the population, and assistance to the flood victims, among other issues.