Angola: Government launches USD 4 million sub-programme for ex-soldiers

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Luanda, Aug 3 - A Usd 4 million Social Reintegration Sub-Programme for former soldiers with the extinct Government Armed Forces (FAPLA) is being launched today in Quipungo district, Angola's southern Huila province, at a ceremony witnessed by the Social Welfare minister, Jo=E3o Baptista Kussumua.

The Sub-Programme includes Social Welfare Ministry (MINARS) actions, especially in the education and professional training of demobilised soldiers, with a view to an autonomous work.

The global value for the start of the Sub-Programme is estimated at over USD 4 million and will benefit 76.615 demobilised soldiers, 5.403 of whom are handicapped.

For its implementation, MINARS is counting on aid from the Ministries of Public Administration Employment and Social Security, Agriculture, Economic and Social Development Fund and Banks.

Approved in January this year by the Cabinet Council, the Social Reintegration Sub-Programme for former FAPLA soldiers aims to attend the ex-militaries in vulnerable situation, with priority to the handicapped.

The project is part of the scheme to cater for the whole ex-soldiers demobilised under the Bicesse and Lusaka peace processes.