Angola: Government to grant working tools for demobilized

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Luanda, 01/28 - Angola's Social Welfare Minister, Joao Baptista Kussumua, on Tuesday moved to the Northern Uige Province, where he will hand over working and domestic tools to the local commission of social reinsertion of demobilized and war displaced people.
The Governor, who is also the Coordinator of the mentioned commission, will assess the level of development of the tasks, which have been carried out by the provincial commission.

The team led by Mr. Kussumua, also includes the Education Deputy Minister, Pinda Simao, in representation of his chief, Burity da Silva, and the Portuguese Ambassador to Angola, Fernando de Oliveira Neves.

Asked on the Portugal Ambassador presence in the delegation, he explained that the Government intends to carry out a "transparent work", thus, has decided to invite some Ambassadors to participate in these missions.

"It is our opinion that this procedure will allow that they witness the true situation of people and clearly inform their Governments in order to coordinate and uniform our activities", underlined Joao Baptista Kussumua.

Source: ANGOP